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About the Taxidermy Chick

Bethany Kivisalu Hickey, the Taxidermy Chick, is a licensed Maine Taxidermist.

Daughter of the acclaimed late taxidermist, Eino Kivisalu, "The Chicken Man,"

Bethany spent her childhood and young adult years assisting her father in the unique and unusual

business of domestic bird taxidermy.  As a result she gained much experience and exposure to the

skills and methods required for this artistic work. 

Scenes from the Kivisalu family farm

"It is the memories of those happy childhood years spent in the shop with my dad,

the smell of the birds, hay and fresh cut wood bases,

that causes this work to be such a delight to me."

-Bethany Kivisalu Hickey


About our Products

Scenes from the Kivisalu family farm


For over forty years taxidermist Eino Kivisalu used the dry method of taxidermy to preserve his popular bird mounts.

Many of his creations are still on prominent display today in various locations.

Following in his tradition, each of our unique creations is custom made with natural products.

The dry method of taxidermy involves the design of custom wrapped excelsior (shredded wood) forms for each bird.

Each form is wrapped with 100% natural cotton thread and cotton batting is used as a filler.

Borax, a natural drying agent, is used for the preservation of each mount.

High quality acrylic, water-based paints are used to restore a life-like appearance to each mount.


Care and Feeding of Taxidermy Mounts

Most dogs and cats ignore taxidermy mounts but a few do not, watch how your pet reacts to your new acquisition.

To dust birds simply wipe bird gently with a soft cloth from head to tail.

If a sprinkling of Borax appears as a white powder at the base of the bird simple vacuum or dust away.

Do not keep birds near cooking areas, airborne grease may settle on feathers.


About our Service


Scenes from the Kivisalu family farm


Our birds are all available for order and may be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Please contact us about prices, availability and shipping costs.

We are be happy to reply to any inquiries and answer any questions.

Full insurance is provided for the shipment of birds.

Once birds are in your possession they cannot be returned or exchanged.


Eino Kivisalu (L) with daughter Bethany (R) and family at the Brimfield Antique Show


Contact Bethany, the Taxidermy Chick

207-542-4121 or