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Photo courtesy of BJ Formento,  Eyecancy Images


Bethany Kivisalu Hickey

The Taxidermy Chick

(207) 542-4121


Customer Comments:


I spent as lot of time researching the right birds and most detailed taxidermist...

For me its very important the birds look as lifelike as possible since

we use them for professional photoshoots to pose as birds who are alive.

When I found Bethany I decided to drive out and take a look...

I walked away with 4 more birds than intended!!

And so far since shooting them everyone cant believe how real and lifelike they look in the photos...

The poses and attention to detail with their faces, feet and plumage are amazing,

She truly works long and hard with the skill and love for taxidermy coming through in her exquisite birds."


Richeille formento

Creative Director - eyecandy images


" I am astounded by your talent.  The mallard you sent was beautifully 
rendered.  I haven't put him in his setting yet, but he looks wonderful.  His expression 
is natural and realistic.  You have captured his eyes perfectly; they have a curiosity 
about them that ducks naturally possess.  I am especially glad that they are positioned 
correctly.  They are not just stuck on the sides of his head.  I love his feet balancing 
on the wood stump.  The feathers are not matted or broken.  He is a lovely bird. " 
-Christine Cassavant
Surprise, Arizona

Scenes from the Kivisalu family farm

"I'm all aflutter about the Taxidermy Chick!

I found her at the Brimfield Antique Show and have purchased several birds from her.

Each one is exquisite and beautifully done.

The communication and customer service is top notch.

A whole new dimension has been added to my business

and I look forward to purchasing many more items."


-Lisa Christophe

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Bethany's work is absolutely top notch!

Her attention to detail, and quality workmanship is second to none. 

We are honored to offer her taxidermy in our shop. 

What a pleasure to see a new generation carry on such a fine tradition!


Todd Dever and Eric Peterson

Forbidden Fruit: Fine Home & Garden Décor

Provincetown, Massachusetts


"The rooster is such a prize!  He is clearly the cock of the walk!  As with the mallard, 
he is natural and looks as if he is about ready to crow.  I am especially please with how 
his feathers flow, especially since they are so long.  There was no breakage.  His combs 
are just the right color.  And, as always, his eyes carry that proud, bright look that 
roosters have.  We are extremely pleased.  All of our friends never miss seeing him!  

You pack the birds very well.  Nothing is rattled about and the birds unpack perfectly 
smooth and ready to display.  Thank you for your attention to detail.  You are truly an artist! "

-Christine Cassavant
Surprise, Arizona
		               Eino Kivisalu as a student,  his love for birds developed in high school	               Eino Kivisalu with daughter Bethany, the Taxidermy Chick


                In Honor of my dearly loved father,  Eino Kivisalu,

A true artist and man of faith who always claimed his talents were "on loan from God."

July 13, 1941 - July 31, 2007



Scenes from the Kivisalu family farm

Contact Bethany, the Taxidermy Chick

207-542-4121 or