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Standard and Rare Varieties of Peacocks Available


Photo courtesy of BJ Formento,  Eyecancy Images

White Peacocks

While frequently mistaken for an albino bird, the white peacock is a rare color variety of  the more common Blue India.




Blue India Peacocks

The Blue India Peacock is spectacular in it's display of iridescent color and brilliant plumage.




Black-shouldered Peacocks

Black-shouldered peafowl are a color mutation of the Blue India breed are are slightly more rare.



Spalding Peacocks

The Spalding Peacock is the offspring of a Green male peacock and a Black-Shouldered hen.

.The result is a bird with the pattern of a Blue India Peacock in muted earth tones.


                                                                    Spalding Peacock                                                    Spalding Peacock


Blue India Pied Peacocks

The Blue India Pied Peacock is an unusual color mutation that results from Blue India and white peacock.




Custom Design Peacocks





Have a custom mount of any bird made to order. 

This custom wall mount of a white peacock would make a spectacular focal point for any room.


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