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Standard, Funky and Rare Varieties of Roosters and Nested Hens Available


          Golden Phoenix Rooster                           Silver Phoenix Rooster                            White-Capped Black Polish                      Barred Rock Rooster



                               White Leghorn Rooster                                 Red Multi-Colored Rooster                           Dark Brahma Rooster



                                       White Frizzle Rooster                                 Buff Frizzle Rooster                               Multi-Colored Frizzle Rooster



                                                       Bantum Rooster in Crate                                                                  Hen in Red Crate



                                                    Barred Rock Hen in Red Crate                                                        Grey Hen in Crate



                                                                                                   Buff Orpington Hen in Crate                            

Contact Bethany, the Taxidermy Chick

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